Hand Sanitizing Alcohol Free Wipes Canister

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A Complete Line of FDA Registered Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizing Wipes

Hospitals / Senior Centers / Nursing Homes / Day Care Centers / Nursery Schools Schools & Universities / Call Centers / Offices / Waiting Areas / Fitness Centers / Locker Rooms Kitchens / Cafeterias / Grocery Stores

  • Kills 99.9% of germs.
  • Water based and alcohol free FDA approved formula.
  • Wipes clean the hands making them more effective and efficient than gels.
  • Contains Aloe Vera to moisturize the skin and has a pleasant scent.
  • Lint free and non-abrasive wipe is gentle to use.

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Case pack
Unit weight
1.7 lbs
Sheet size
6” x 6.75”
Unit cube
Case UPC
Unit dimensions
5” x 5” x 6.75”
Case weight
21.1 lbs
Pallet pattern
5 x 8
Case cube
Case dimensions
21” x 15.75” x 7.5”
Pallet weight
894 lbs
Unit UPC

To Sanitize:

Wipe hands/surface and allow hands/surface to air dry.

About Sanitizing Alcohol Free Wipes

WipesPlus® Sanitizing Alcohol Free Wipes are FDA registered and provide a convenient and efficient way to kill germs. Our gentle, water-based formula kills 99.9% of germs without the need for potable water. WipesPlus® Sanitizing Alcohol Free Wipes are ideal for sanitizing hands. The absence of alcohol and the presence of Aloe Vera in our formulation ensures that our wipes will not dry out your hands, even with frequent use. We recommend using WipesPlus® Sanitizing Alcohol Free Wipes in locations such as cafeterias, convenience stores, fitness centers and gyms, grocery stores and supermarkets, cashier stations, hotels, medical offices, nursing homes, office buildings and break rooms, retail stores, schools and colleges, shopping malls, and veterinary clinics.